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A Prayer for Grant Funding Cocktail Candle

$ 34.95 USD

You’ve filled out stacks and stacks of paperwork, you’ve submitted more proposals than you can count. You’ve stayed up into the wee hours of the morning to just revise your submission one last time before the deadline. And you haven’t heard anything back. Research takes money. All scientists know that waiting for funding is the pits. In the meantime, go ahead and light this Prayer for Grant Funding Cocktail Candle and add some good juju to your proposal. What else have you got to lose, right? If it’s a no-go, then bottoms up!

Volume 11 oz
Height 3.5"
Width 3.25"
Material Glass
Care Dishwasher Safe
Origin USA Made
Wax All-Natural Coconut, Beeswax, Soy Blend
Scent Naturally scented with beeswax and coconut
Wick FSC-Certified wood whisper wick
Make Poured by hand

Light the candle and enjoy its warm glow. Afterwards, rinse with boiling water and you have yourself a whiskey glass! Each glass features an elegant design evoking exploration in your devoted field. They are hand-poured with a natural, pure burning blend of coconut, soy and beeswax and ignitable by wooden wick. 100% USA made & dishwasher safe.

Since these candles are poured by hand, some imperfections are natural and are part of the character of each unique piece. See our blog for more information.


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