Natural Wax Candles

Natural Wax Candles Cognitive Surplus

Our candles are poured by hand with a special blend of natural waxes – coconut, beeswax and soy – that are clean-burning and good for you and the environment. Working with natural wax is a little different than working with a synthetic like paraffin (which is toxic), and it means that the candle won't look like something you'd find at a big, conventional candle company. Here are some things to expect from your candle:

  • There may be some cracking along the wick and within the candle itself. This happens during the cooling process and it's a sign that the candle is, in fact, made with natural wax without artificial preservatives or paraffin.

candle top

  • The top of your candle may have a mottled texture, rather than being glassy smooth. This just gives your candle a little character.
  • You may see some areas between the glass and the wax that look wet or frosty. This is also very normal and won't affect the way the candle burns in any way.
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