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New Science Mugs!

Add a little color to your morning routine.

Science Tumbler Glasses

Because everything tastes better with science.

Whiskey Glasses

Raise a glass to science!

New Arrivals

We make sustainable stationery and lifestyle goods to celebrate science.

Fall Favorites

A Prayer For Useful Data Cocktail Candle$ 34.95

You’ve tried everything else, you’ve begged, bargained and pleaded with the gods of good data, so here’s a candle to light when you just need one good data set. What harm could ...

Alchemy Hardcover Notebook - Lined/Grid$ 24.95

Use this deep velvety purple Alchemy Hardcover Notebook to take data in your modern chemistry class or to plan your next experiments.

Bioluminescent Mushrooms Dark Matter Notebook$ 29.95

There's nothing more magical than mushrooms that glow in the dark. Fueled by oxyluciferin, bioluminescent mushrooms can be found in many unique places across the globe from the ...

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