Science meets design

We create stationery and lifestyle goods to celebrate science and inspire discovery. 

Our products are made with respect for the sustainability of our planet.

New European Warehouse!

We have opened up a new shipping facility in The Netherlands to service Europe!

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Join the movement

We all have the opportunity to make a difference in our world,
from the products we use to the actions we take.


focus on efficiency

We are working on a complete energy efficiency upgrade for 2021.

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• Replacing all fixtures for LED lighting 

• HVAC thermostat upgrade

• Insulated wall for zonal warehouse heating

• Filtered tap water bottle filling stations

A quest for zero plastic

Responsible Packaging

Since our inception, we have tried to avoid plastic in everything we do. With a very few exceptions, our products ship in recycled and recyclable packaging. All our void-fill is compostable (yep, those packing peanuts are made from cornstarch, and they're completely drain-safe)! 

Each year we search for greener alternatives and ways to leave a lighter footprint.

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Recycle everything

While recycling doesn't absolve us of our responsibility to minimize our own waste, we can at least ensure that what we do produce is managed properly.

• In addition to the standard paper, glass and plastic, we take hard-to-recycle items like plastic film and small electronics to specialized collection centers.

• Food scraps are composted in our vermicomposter.


Our Carbon Footprint

Every year, we offset the entire carbon footprint of our company's energy usage, business travel, and employee commuting through a partnership with


work that matters

We integrate individuals with disabilities into our workplace through partnerships with programs like Vocational Rehab and the Youth Transition Program.

These programs help connect companies like ours with workers seeking meaningful, long-term employment.

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