Ants Hardcover - Dot Grid

$ 19.95

The Hypothesis

Hardcover Notebook

Capable of lifting 20 times their own body weight, having millions of babies, and having no ears or lungs (but two stomachs), ants have been around since the dinosaurs. Various species of ants, plants, and diagrams are beautifully illustrated on the orange cover of this notebook. Use it to take notes in your biology class, or gift it to your TA.

Designed with full dot grid pages to let your thoughts run wild. Perfect for graphing, planning, and allowing your writing to stand out, dot grid offers the structure of a grid while maintaining the sense of freedom found in blank pages.

These dot grid notebooks are 7" by 9" and feature 81 gsm paper. All our notebooks are designed in Portland, Oregon, USA, and are made responsibly overseas using eco-friendly soy inks and 100% recycled paper.

The course might end, but your notes will last. With 192 pages there's plenty of space to spread out and make every page beautiful. Lose yourself in your work and record all your findings.

The perfect gift for your lab partner. The perfect necessity for your work.

Learn Beautifully.

dot grid pagesPrinted in Soy Ink, Designed in Portland, OR, 7"x9"192 pages, 81 gsm, 100% recycled FSC paper

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