Pen Tests on the New Notebook Paper

We are so excited to have found a more eco-friendly paper stock. While it is the same weight and quality of our original paper, there are some slight differences. This new paper is some of the highest quality 100% recycled paper on the market, and the supply chain has been assured every step of the way. It has a slightly warmer hue, giving it a more natural color.

The paper still does well with fine and ultra-fine nibbed fountain pens. With our initial test of the paper, we found that there is some slight feathering (particularly if the ink is on the wetter side), a fast dry time, and very little show-through using a fine or ultra-fine nib. Wide and extra-wide nibs, particularly calligraphy-style pens and wet markers/Sharpies that produce larges strokes of ink do have some show-though. You can see photos of this test below.

Pen Test

Original 80 gsm paper pen test below:

Pen Test Original PaperPen Test Original Paper Back

New 80 gsm paper pen test below:

Pen Test New PaperPen Test New Paper Back

Here is the new paper with some more traditional writing tools; gel pen, ballpoint pen, different colors of flare pens, and highlighter.

Pen Test 2Back of pen test

There's no feathering at all with any of these, and the only real show-through came from a brand new Sharpie and green highlighter. Overall, we are very excited about the new paper. One thing to note is that the original paper we have tested here is the original 80 gsm paper, not the 100 gsm art-paper found in our sketchbooks and a few of our early Hypothesis notebooks.

Feel free to reach out to us with any additional questions! Happy journaling!