The Dark Matter: Black Paper Notebooks Cognitive Surplus

The Dark Matter: Black Paper Notebooks

We are so excited to announce The Dark Matter. This all-new line of notebooks is built with BLACK paper! You might be thinking to yourself "This is crazy, why would I possibly need a notebook...
Dotted Lines Cognitive Surplus

Dotted Lines

Our 7mm Dotted Line paper works just like lined paper with the added bonus of very light dots at 7mm intervals along each line. These dots provide structure so that you can easily draw graphs,...
Pen tests on our different papers Cognitive Surplus

Pen tests & information on our different papers

Our notebooks are filled with some of the highest-quality 100% recycled paper on the market. (It's also acid-free and 100% post-consumer waste!) Most of our notebooks (Hypothesis, Experiment, Analysis, Observation, Abstract, Research) are filled with...
Share your #STEMstory Cognitive Surplus

Share your #STEMstory

We appreciate that it isn't always glamorous and that breakthroughs are a lot harder than in the movies, especially when it seems like the answers are anywhere but in your data. We also know that...
New paper! New notebooks! Cognitive Surplus

New paper! New notebooks!

We are excited to announce that we will be receiving the stock for almost 150 new products in the next week! This haul will include new greeting cards, hardcover and softcover notebook designs, research series packs, and a...
Tips for using wax seals for your wedding invites Cognitive Surplus

Tips for using wax seals for your wedding invites

Apart from just looking cool on your desk, wax seals are great for adding some nerdy flair to your science-themed wedding or graduation party invitations. If you're thinking of using seals for a large number of...
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