Gel Pens and Dark Matter Black Paper

Gel Pens and Dark Matter Black Paper

With the arrival of the new gel pens, you might be wondering how they compare on the black pages of the Dark Matter notebooks.

For the brightest, boldest look, we recommend our Supernova pens. These pens are forumulated specially to work well on black paper.

If you're looking to add a little shimmer to your notes or journaling, the metallic gel ink is another great option for black paper. This includes the Flame Test, Gems & Minerals, Lichen, Stormy Skies, and Wildflower Meadow. 

Next the glitter pens have an interesting look on black paper, but aren't what we'd recommend for note-taking. If you layer up the ink you can get a nice sparkly color (as you can see in the photos below), but if you're writing normally, it's hard to read without tilting the page so that the glitter catches the light. In these photos, we've gone over the words a few times to get a good amount of ink down in order to show you the color. 

Quark Gel Pens - Glitter by Cognitive Surplus

Finally, the neon pens in the Bioluminescence pack do show up on black paper, but they're not completely opaque, so they're not officially marked as 'Dark Matter Compatible'.


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