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Soapstone Whiskey Stone Gift Set

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Let metamorphic rock chill your whiskey to the perfect sipping temperature – with science!

Whiskey is best appreciated at 50-60ºF. At room temperature, your taste buds are overrun by the flavor of alcohol, and over ice, the nuanced flavors are lost in the cold and then get watered down as you sip.

So what's the solution? Whiskey Stones!

Soapstone makes excellent whiskey stones because it has a specific heat of .98 J/gK (enough to cool your drink), and a density of 2.956 g/cm3 (so it won't absorb your drink or any foreign flavors).

Just freeze them like ice cubes, put one in your glass, pour whiskey over, and enjoy the perfect sip.

Each of these Mega Rocks is a .75" (2 cm) cube.

Set contains:
• 9 whiskey stones
• stainless steel tongs
• canvas storage bag

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