Large Hardcover Notebook

The Hypothesis

Give your ideas room to breathe.

Ideas aren't meant to be all cramped up. The Hypothesis series comes with 192 of our signature split-use pages so your ideas have plenty of room.

We polled more than 4000 people and determined that split-use pages provides a unique way to work with ideas as a big spread. Having paper for sketching, problem solving, or data gathering on one side and lines on the other means that the right side can be used for taking notes or longer writing passages, with the left side reserved for annotations and illustrations. Treat each pair of pages as a single space to let your thoughts run free.


Recycled Paper

100% recycled FSC paper and cover board.


Soy Ink

Printed using eco-friendly soy ink.


Sewn Bound Signatures

Our notebooks are constructed with sewn bound signatures which means they will be with you for years.


Fountain Pen

For best results, use a small to medium tip.


Paper Weight

Paper at a weight that begs to be written on.


Portland, OR

Proudly designed at our studio in Portland, OR.



Cover art that's as smart as you.


Water Proof Covers

Coated to prevent against drips and spills from ruining your work.


Page Count

Plenty of pages to let your ideas spread out.



At 7 x 9 inches it's perfect for everyday.

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