The Element of Surprise: Best Gifts For Chemists

The Element of Surprise: Best Gifts For Chemists

Searching for the perfect gift for a chemist? Look no further. We've gathered a selection of unique items tailored for chemistry enthusiasts, from mugs and shirts to artwork and more. These chemistry-themed gifts are ideal for celebrating graduations, new jobs, promotions, or any occasion that calls for something special.


Practical Gifts For Chemists

Chemistry Models Yearly Planner

If there is one thing that everyone can use, it’s a planner. Sure, we are all equipped with digital planners thanks to our smartphones, but nothing quite compares to taking a pen and paper and planning out your week the old-fashioned way. Anyone who appreciates chemistry and its fundamentals will love this Chemistry Models Yearly Planner.


Coffee Chemistry Glass Mug

You can never have too many mugs–especially when they are specific to one of your passions. This is no ordinary mug, however. This glass mug is for brooding intellectuals, thinkers, chemists, and science folk who know that there’s more to coffee than just caffeine. This glass celebrates the complex array of molecules that give coffee its unique qualities and flavors. Molecules such as guaiacol, which is responsible for that quintessential roasted coffee aroma – or diacetyl, which contributes a buttery flavor.

Chemistry A5 Hardcover Notebook - Dotted Lines

This vibrant orange hardcover notebook allows the chemist in your life to elevate their chemistry lab notes, experiment with novel hypotheses, or model out their next lab setup. When all else fails, and data sets are inconclusive, this dotted lined notebook can be used to ward off failed experiments and to precipitate better results.


Stylish Gifts For Chemists 

Vintage Chemistry Hoodie

If you are struggling to find the perfect gift for that special chemist in your life, it might be time to consider life’s simple luxuries like comfy, wearable pieces that can be proudly worn to lectures or lab meetings. This ultra-soft and cozy black hoodie features a retro chemistry illustration on the back that is sure to be a conversation starter amongst peers. It is truly a perfect gift that is sure to be the next favorite hoodie for chemists.

Periodic Table Turkish Towel

As captivating as a well-balanced equation, this Periodic Table Turkish Towel is here so you can wrap yourself in the elegance and organization of a quintessential chemistry tool–the periodic table. Not only is this Turkish Towel perfect for beach days and picnics with peers or other chemistry lovers, but it has also been known to spruce up the walls in any college dorm or office.

The Beaker Candle

This Beaker Candle is truly a unique gift that is sure to win over the hearts of chemistry enthusiasts and chemists alike. Paying homage to the science of chemistry and science experiments, this candle features an actual lab beaker that has been transformed into your next favorite homemade candle. We pour these Beaker Candles by hand with an all-natural blend of coconut, soy, and beeswax. They're finished with an all-black wooden whisper wick that's perfect for cozy evenings.

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