On Scientific Inaccuracies and the History of Science

On Scientific Inaccuracies and the History of Science Cognitive Surplus

As anyone who has spent time working in science will tell you; sometimes even the greatest minds get things wrong. This is just part of the scientific process, and constant evolution is what drives humanity forward. As our understanding of the world builds, sometimes we have to go back and make changes to previous theories and hypotheses we had all agreed were probably correct. Sometimes the changes are minor pivots, other times whole schools of thought have to be scrapped and rebuilt.

Here at Cognitive Surplus, we build our vintage science designs using images and other material from historical textbooks, encyclopedias and other publications. We don't edit the science we find in these books, as it was all accurate to the time, and we stand by the iterative process of discovery. Sometimes you might see that part of a design depicts something that doesn't align with our current understanding of a subject  matter. If you do find an image, formula, or concept that today's science would tell you is wrong, then you've just proven that you know your stuff, and that's awesome!

If, however, you find a typo or an error that's not one of historical change, please let us know! We do our best to proof everything carefully, and take pride in scientific accuracy, but mistakes do happen, and we are always happy to fix and improve our designs.

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