Graduation Day is coming! A few gift ideas for smart grads and awesome science professors.

After the years of all-nighters cramming for midterms, afternoons in the lab, and countless cups of coffee for that 8am lecture, it's finally coming to a close. Graduation day is almost here and it's time not only to pat yourself on the back and congratulate your study partners on their success, but also to thank all the people who helped you along the way. From your advisor to your favorite chemistry professor to that physics TA who spent all those hours with you in recitation, all these people worked tirelessly to help you become a master of the material, ready to head out into the field. We've put together a collection of smart, unique gift ideas to help you say thanks or to help your favorite grad celebrate on their big day. (Seriously, no one needs another copy of "Oh the Places You'll Go" - everyone already has one).

Whether it's your success or your granddaughter's, congratulations - here's to the accomplishment now go out and put that science degree to good use!