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These peanuts are biodegradable

These peanuts are biodegradable Cognitive Surplus

If your order comes packed with peanuts, don't worry, they're not styrofoam! All of our packing peanuts are made with biodegradable cornstarch and can be reused, composted, or simply washed down the sink. We will never (ever) send you styrofoam because it has to go in the trash can, blows out of landfills, is filled with toxic chemicals, and makes a terrible squeak between your fingers.

If you aren't going to reuse them, cornstarch peanuts make great play-things! Dip your finger in water and touch it to a peanut, then use the wet spot to connect peanuts together. Build a dinosaur, dodo bird, or giant ground sloth – then model extinction by pouring a cup of water over your creations and watching them disappear.

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