Gold Certified, Sustainability at Work

Gold Certified, Sustainability at Work Cognitive Surplus
Sustainability at Work, PDX GOLD
We are certified at the Gold level – the highest level of Sustainability at Work certification offered by the city of Portland.



The city of Portland, Oregon offers three levels of Sustainability at Work certification to recognize a business's positive impact on the environment and our community. In order to qualify for each level, a business must be able to show that a certain number number of green actions have been taken.

Certification Levels Sustainability at Work PDX

Actions are divided up into six categories:

Sustainability Actions

  • Reduce/Reuse/Recycle: things like paperless alternatives and composting food scraps
  • Water: things like equipping sinks with low-flow faucets
  • Energy: weather-sealing doors, LED lighting, green power, carbon offsets
  • Transportation: biking/carpooling/using public transport, providing filtered tap water rather than using a water delivery service or single use plastic bottles
  • Community Engagement: things like donations to the local community and working with the disability community
  • Employee Engagement: things like having a purchasing policy in place to guide green decision making


Three reasons to look for businesses with a Sustainability at Work certification

  1. By supporting businesses who share your commitment to the environment, you help make sustainable solutions more viable and available.
  2. You minimize your own impact on the environment.
  3. You help promote healthy, inclusive workplaces.


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