Space Shuttle Wax Seal Kit

$ 34.95

Whether you're embarking on a great adventure, a future astronomer, space scientist, or a starry-eyed dreamer, this Space Shuttle Wax Seal is a great way to make your mark. 

These sealing wax kits make great birthday gifts for people who already have everything, and they give your stationery some vintage flair. 

Each seal comes in its own kraft box with a stick of metallic silver mailable sealing wax with a wick for quick and easy use. Light the wick and allow a pool of wax to collect on your envelope, then press the seal into the center of the pool (if it's hot out, it works best to chill the seal a bit) and your letter is secure!

Each stick of wax makes 8-12 seals. 

If you'll be using these for a large number of invitations, make sure to check out our blog post for tips and tricks!

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