SECONDS Trigonometry Symbols Shot Glasses (Set of 3)

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Shot Glasses

Sometimes we come across glasses that aren't quite up to the standards we expect of our products. Instead of filling up the landfill with things that are pretty good but not perfect, we're making them available at a steep discount. These shot glasses may have some blemishes in the glasses themselves or may have some slight printing errors. They may or may not come with the original packaging.

Raise awareness of higher math at your next swanky party or just get together with a couple of pals to revel in math nerd glory with these trigonometry shot glasses.

They come in a set of three – just enough to make it social, but not so many it turns into Math Club.

Will you choose the sin(x), cos(x) or tan(x) glass?

Each set ships in a fancy box printed with a little math refresher and a friendly reminder to drink responsibly... else you might end up tangent to someone else's curve.

Social Function: mathematics within your grasp.

Dishwasher Safe.
Set of three 1.5 oz shot glasses.
Made in the USA.

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