Mathematics Softcover Journal

$ 10.00

The Experiment

Softcover Notebook

Carry this Mathematics Diagrams notebook and let the world know you find nothing wrong with curves.

These vintage illustrations are drawn with gold lines on a burgundy background and would not be out of place in the reading room of a stuffy private club, though it will also lend an air of sophistication to your drafting table or study carrel.

Use it for proofs or poetry, radians and recipes.

Give it to your roommate to say, “Thanks for never putting an empty milk carton back in the fridge!” Give it to your big sister to say, “Thanks for getting me through Precalc!” Give it to your date to say, “You look fantastic in burgundy!”

Our Vintage Notebook line features classic illustrations from early scientific works.

The course might end, but your notes will last. Lose yourself in your work and record all your findings.

Designed with full dot grid pages to let your thoughts run wild. Perfect for graphing, planning, and allowing your writing to stand out, dot grid offers the structure of a grid while maintaining the sense of freedom found in blank pages.

The perfect gift for your lab partner. The perfect necessity for your work.

Learn Beautifully.

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