Holiday Survival Guide: Grizzly Bear Card

$ 5.00

There are lots of ways to get through the holiday season, what's your style?

Get through the holidays like a grizzly bear! Hide from everyone, nap it out and try not to use much energy. 

The Grizzly Bear's Guide to the Holidays:

Step 1
Gorge yourself until you're very fat.

Step 2
Find the perfect hideaway.

Step 3
Binge nap! Only get up for emergencies.

In order to make it through the cold winter months, grizzly bears take a series of long naps but don't actually hibernate! These naps are known as torpor, and although it's a state similar to hibernation, in which their metabolism and heart rate drop to conserve energy, it doesn't last the whole season, and bears can go in and out of it several times. This allows the bears to move around if necessary, and also allows them to survive when food is scarce.

  • Blank inside.
  • 4.5″x6″ folded
  • Eco-friendly FSC-certified paper
  • Recycled kraft envelope
  • Packaged in compostable polybags
  • Made in the USA

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