Geological Strata Hardcover Journal

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The Test

The Original Hardcover Notebook

Here’s a vintage diagram of geologic mapping in blue ink on a manila background. The cross-section of the earth’s mantle features geological strata with faults and folds – anticline and syncline, anticline and syncline – not to mention mountain-building.

The uncool parts of geology would fill a notebook much smaller than this one. Makes you want to race out and find the nearest road cut, doesn’t it?

The Geological Strata notebook is a good gift for your sister the rock-climber, your uncle the geologist, or to tell anyone under stress you love them for their faults.

When you draft your lab notes or thesis in this notebook, you’ll be old school and new school all at once.

Our Vintage Notebook line features classic illustrations from early scientific works.

The perfect gift for your lab partner. The perfect necessity for your work.

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