Geographic Map Hardcover Journal

$ 15.00

The Test

The Original Hardcover Notebook

Your epic travels and everyday adventures will last longer if you commit them in writing with this oaktag-hued Geographic notebook.  

This map dates from a time when you could do things like install your brother as the King of Holland or make off with the Parthenon Marbles from Greece and start your own private collection.

This notebook is the place to draft your C- review for the hotel that lost your reservation or note the address of the shop where you discovered an original Gustave Doré illustration for The Rime of the Ancient Mariner.

You could use it for work, of course, but that would be slightly less romantic.

When you draft your lab notes or thesis in this notebook, you’ll be old school and new school all at once.

Our Vintage Notebook line features classic illustrations from early scientific works.

The perfect gift for your lab partner. The perfect necessity for your work.

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