Winter: Close, Yet So Cold! Card

$ 5.00

This black and white greeting card explains why winter is cold in the northern hemisphere.

If it’s hotter when you’re closer to fire, then it would seem that summer should be when you’re closer to the sun, right? Not in the northern hemisphere! In winter, even though the planet is closer to the sun in its orbit, the north pole is pointed away from the sun. At this tilt, days are shorter and the sun’s rays hit at a glancing angle. Much of the sun’s heat is reflected off the earth’s atmosphere, leaving us chilly and dark. In summer, days are longer and those rays hit us directly, warming the hemisphere – even as we speed away from the sun. So at least for the northern hemisphere, in winter we’re so close, yet so cold!

  • Blank inside.
  • 4.5″x6″ folded
  • Eco-friendly FSC-certified paper
  • Recycled kraft envelope
  • Packaged in compostable polybags
  • Made in the USA

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