Astronomy Star Chart Softcover Notebook - Dot Grid

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The Experiment

Softcover Notebook

This Astronomy notebook is emblazoned with an early star chart — the “Visible Heavens.” Everywhere you look, the sky is spangled with stars, and constellations are rampant against a deep velvety black.

It’s practical and romantic all at once, and you can fill it with information to navigate your work life, your love life, or your academic life. It’s a nice gift for anyone you know who’s bright or remote or twinkly.

Designed with classic images from scientific disciplines, these notebooks are built to ignite your curiosity. Be inspired to take beautiful notes, write elegant proofs, and draft ingenious novels.

The perfect gift for your lab partner. The perfect necessity for your work.

Learn Beautifully.

Paper type: dot grid112 pages, 80gsm, recycled paperfountain pen friendly, lay-flat sewn binding, designed in portland, ordimensions: 6.75x9

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