Cellular Biology Hardcover Journal - Lined/Grid

$ 19.95

The Hypothesis

Large Hardcover Notebook

If perhaps you're the sort of person who is always looking closer and observing the tiny inner workings of the building blocks of life, then this Cellular Biology notebook belongs on your desk.

Phases of mitosis and diagrams of different kinds of cells in jade and chartreuse float through an emerald green background. Give it as a gift to your microbiology lab partner or your friendly local geneticist, or use it to track data for your latest experiment.

Our Vintage Notebook line features classic illustrations from early scientific works.

The course might end, but your notes will last. With 192 pages there's plenty of space to spread out and make every page beautiful. Lose yourself in your work and record all your findings.

Designed with lined pages on the right to take notes or collect your thoughts, and graph paper on the left to annotate, graph, or record data.

The perfect gift for your lab partner. The perfect necessity for your work.

Learn Beautifully.

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