Holiday Survival Guide: Stonefly Card

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There are lots of ways to get through the holiday season, what's your style? Survive the holidays like a Winter Stonefly - love every minute! 

The Stonefly's Guide to the Holidays:

Step 1
Hatch a plan to enjoy the weather.

Step 2
Cruise for a mate.

Step 3
Live it up!

In the dead of winter, despite sub-zero temperatures, winter stoneflies go on about business as usual. They crawl up through cracks in the ice on frozen rivers, and despite having four wings, instead of flying, they walk around the snow to look for a mate.

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    • Blank inside.
    • 4.5″x6″ folded
    • Eco-friendly FSC-certified paper
    • Recycled kraft envelope
    • Packaged in compostable polybags
    • Made in the USA

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