Geology: Layers of the Earth Tote Bag

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Here’s a vintage diagram of geologic mapping in blue ink. The cross-section of the earth’s mantle features geological strata with faults and folds – anticline and syncline, anticline and syncline – not to mention mountain-building.

This Geology Tote Bag makes you want to race out and find the nearest road cut, doesn’t it?

Celebrate the awesomeness of earth science and the rocks beneath your feet while you go adventuring!

Machine wash cold, gentle cycle.
Tumble dry low, warm iron if needed.
Made with 100% recycled cotton canvas.
Strong enough for all your text books and soft enough to use every day.

Width: 18"
Height: 14.5"
Gusset: 5"
Shoulder Straps: 22" 

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