For Mom: Adventure Awaits

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Your mom taught you how to differentiate between a mushroom that’ll kill you and one that really brings the soup together and how to tell a newt from a salamander. Show her that even though you’ve moved to the city and have traded your hiking boots for business-appropriate loafers, you still appreciate the time you shared outdoors.

With this Botany vacuum flask, your mom will have a hot cup of coffee or some refreshing cool water in tow next time she summits a mountain. She’ll have somewhere to record all her journeys and plan the next great adventure with her new Layers of the Earth and Plants & Fungi softcovers. Thanks for everything, Mom.

The notebooks come all wrapped up in a handmade paper gift bag, and the flask comes in a jute gift bag.

Each Pack Contains
• Botany Vacuum Flask
• Plants & Fungi Experiment Softcover
• Layers of the Earth Experiment Softcover
• Handmade paper gift bag
• Jute gift bag

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