Bioluminescent Jellyfish & Plankton Screen Printed Softcover Notebook

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Have you ever dipped your hand in the water alongside the dock and swirled it around to see the jellyfish and plankton flash back at you? Sometimes, if you get lucky, you might get to catch the waves glittering in the darkness as they hit the sand, or gotten to paddle through water that lights up as you pass. Lots of the ocean's tiny (and some not so tiny) drifters glow in the dark. Draft your new fantastical novel or take notes in your marine biology class in this deep purple notebook that glows in the dark!

To charge it up, hold it under a very bright light or take it outside, then turn the lights off to watch it glow. 

Height: 9"
Width: 6"
160 lined pages 
100% recycled paper
Lay-flat pages open completely
Notebooks ship in compostable polybags
Screen printed by hand in Portland, OR

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