Rocketry Mini Hardcover - Dot Grid

$ 14.95

We shouldn’t have to explain why this notebook is so cool, but since it is rocket science, we’ll tell you anyway. The royal blue background of the cover features numerous diagrams of rockets, engines, and formulae. Whether you’re an engineer at NASA or a student interested in all things space, this notebook is perfect for fueling your imagination. Use it to take notes in physics class, sketch the Saturn V, or diagram a rocket of your own.

These dot grid notebooks are 4" by 6" and feature 81 gsm paper. All our notebooks are designed in Portland, Oregon, USA, and are made responsibly overseas using eco-friendly soy inks and 100% recycled paper.

From the smallest details to the greatest discoveries, fill this journal with notes from any adventure.

The perfect gift for your lab partner. The perfect necessity for your work.

Learn Beautifully.

dot grid pages

Printed in Soy Ink, Designed in Portland, OR, 4"x6"144 pages, 81 gsm paper, 100% Recycled FSC Certified

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