A quest to eliminate plastic and virgin paper pulp from our products and shipping materials.

Since our inception in 2013, we have worked to source – and keep sourcing – greener shipping materials. We do not use materials from ancient and endangered forests, and are working toward zero plastic by 2022.

We have eliminated the use of apparel poly-bags and plastic padding materials in our product packaging, opting instead for paper ties and recycled corrugate fluting.

Our paper mailers are 100% recycled pulp, and the few items that ship in plastic mailers come in the 100% recycled variety, courtesy of our friends at EcoEnclose.

sustainable packagingThings we're still working on:
  • We still use USPS flat-rate padded envelopes to ship some products because it is the only way we have found at the moment to keep the shipping costs on those products from going through the roof. (USPS rates have gone up more than 25% since we started, but we haven't increased the amount we charge for shipping).
  • Sometimes we still have to use plastic tape. We try not to, and we use paper tape for almost everything, but in a few select applications, the paper tape just doesn't stick securely. We're working on alternate solutions.
  • An extremely small handful of international orders still ship in bubble mailers. This is an ongoing source of struggle for us – international shipments take WAY more abuse than our domestic shipments, and no one likes to wait for an international shipment to arrive only to find that it's been damaged in transit. Sometimes the only way we have found to ensure products arrive safely at a shipping cost that doesn't require a second mortgage is to ship in these mailers. The good news here is that we're working on a partnership that should eliminate this need... more on this to come later this year.