We've had a lot of people asking about how various pens perform in our journals, so we sent out some samples to a few notebook and fountain pen aficionados for their feedback. We'd like to share their reviews here so you can see for yourself!

My Pen Needs Ink reviews his complete experience with a Hypothesis and an Experiment journal. He's got a great analysis of how various pens interact with the paper, dry time, etc, in addition to their construction and the cover designs.

"Cognitive Surplus has done their research and produced the best recycled paper I have ever written on."

The Well Appointed Desk reviews the paper in our Test journals (we're still using this same paper in our new Hypothesis and Experiment journals, though the lines are lighter and the lines/grid goes all the way to the edge now) and also has a very thorough analysis of the performance of various pen types on our paper.

"I even pushed it to the extremes with the wide italic nib and the writing didn’t feather or spline."