After an overwhelming response to our survey and tallying the results, reading all the comments, and much discussion, we are so excited to announce the new version of our Vintage Science Hardcover Journals and a brand new line of Softcover Notebooks.

New Hardcover Notebooks
• Almost twice the page count - the new version has 192 pages!

Cognitive Surplus Notebook Comparison


Full width lines on slightly bigger pages. The lines and grid go all the way to the edge of the paper so you get to use your entire page, plus the pages are 5mm wider.

Lined & Grid or Lined & Blank. Some styles will come with a split lined and blank page layout, some with a split lined and grid layout, so you can decide whether you want the space clear for sketching or complicated proofs, or with a grid for graphing or recording your lab results.

Brand New Softcover Notebooks
We got a lot of requests to make a more affordable version of our notebooks, so we have created a new softcover series that comes in at a cool $10. These are 112 pages of either complete college ruled lines, or complete dot grid, depending on the design.

Check out our new notebook page for all the details!

Cognitive Surplus Science Notebook - Cephalopods