It's been a long time coming, but we've finally found an international shipping partner with better rates!

If you live outside the United States, good news! You'll now see an additional shipping option at checkout entitled "Tracked Shipping". This rate usually costs 20-50% less than the standard postal service rates, and you'll get a tracking number that is valid all the way to your door. 

A couple notes: please add a few days on to the estimated shipping time, as it typically takes a few days to get the packages to the forwarder who then sends your order on to you.

Although most countries are supported, not every single one is, so if you don't see the option, you are likely in a country that our forwarder does not yet service. 

The option only applies to orders placed from the country to which they are shipping, unfortunately we aren't able to extend the pricing option to those located within the United States and shipping orders abroad.