Organic Garden Cognitive Surplus

As a company, and in our personal lives, we try our very best to source eco-friendly and sustainable materials, to eat local, organic food, and to make earth-conscious choices in every aspect of what we do. Minimizing our footprint on the planet is something that's always been very important to us. Since the very beginning, we've made recycled notebooks, and used compostable poly-bags, sourced organic cotton t-shirts, recycled cotton for our bags, and bought recycled and recyclable shipping supplies. We produce our glassware in the USA and do our screen printing in Portland with eco-friendly inks. Our studio is lit exclusively with LED bulbs, and our electricity is 100% supplied by green power. These choices aren't always the most economical ones, and it sometimes limits the suppliers we can work with and the products we can make, but they are choices we stand behind and they're things we think are worth paying extra for. This summer we are even building out a sustainable organic urban farm behind our studio to supply all our produce with plenty to share locally!

Here are some earth and nature inspired products we've collected. Thanks for shopping with us, and Happy Earth Day!


Organic Tomatoes