Warm spring days make great days to enjoy pints outside with friends, particularly if you're in Boulder, CO.

Dinosaur Commute Paleontology Tee Shirt & Golden Pi T-shirt by Cognitive Surplus

Jeff is wearing his Dinosaur Commute t-shirt and Elise is in a Golden Pi shirt. We spent a few hours enjoying the sun and some local beer.

Vintage Astronomy Long Sleeve

Hilary is enjoying a beer out of a Marie Curie pint glass wearing her Vintage Astronomy Glow-in-the-dark long sleeve dolman.

Jeff reaching for more beer in science pint glasses

Jeff needed more beer. One wasn't enough. Platonic solids tee. 
Elise enjoys her drink out of a Plankton Pint glass wearing a Heart Blood Flow tee.

Sam takes a break from grading papers in his dino shirt

Sam had to stay in and grade papers. He's busy enthralling hearts and minds with the passage of time.