Growing up, springtime meant going pond-dipping for frogs eggs that we'd hatch in a tank at home. We'd watch the tadpoles sprout legs and turn into frogs that we'd return to the pond and release. Fall meant spending nature walks looking for monarch caterpillars under milkweed leaves, building mesh cages that we'd fill each day with fresh milkweed, and waiting for the caterpillars to get big and fat and turn into chrysalises that would change color from green and gold to black before unleashing butterflies. My mom never stopped asking us to look closer at our world, to make observations, and ask questions and find our own answers. We grew crystals on the window sill, went hunting for concretions and dinosaur footprints, and never missed an opportunity to go see a good museum. 

Needless to say, my mom isn't your sappy sentimental card and pink flowers kind of lady, and every time Mother's Day would roll around, I'd go searching for something smart and interesting, but end up coming up rather empty handed. We've put together a list of Mother's Day gift ideas here, none of which are pink and flowery or sentimental and sappy. If your mom is an awesome smart lady like mine, we think she'll appreciate these. 

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